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Below are answers to commonly asked questions regarding the process for viewing, completing your purchase, and taking possession of your new home at Grosvenor Ambleside. Our process is designed to follow current Provincial Health Authority guidance related to Covid-19. Provincial guidance may change over the next several months as the Covid-19 situation evolves, and we will contact you directly to advise of any adjustments to the completion process.  

Purchasing a new home is a very exciting time and we are working hard to ensure your completion and possession process is completed safely. Our goal is to provide homeowners with a positive experience and a high level of service which includes prioritizing your well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my Homeowner Care Team? 

Your Homeowner Care Team consists of your Homeowner Care Representative as well as your Inspection Specialist.  

Your Homeowner Care Representative is your main point of contact at Grosvenor and is available to you as a resource for any questions or concerns you may have. Your Homeowner Care Representative will oversee the overall closing and possession process to ensure you have all the information you need. 

Your Inspection Specialist will support you through the inspection process, including your Pre-Delivery and Possession Inspections. More information regarding these inspections is provided below. 

Can I see my suite before completion?

Yes. Our Homeowner Care Team is working hard to prepare for your initial suite orientation, also known as your Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). The PDI is an opportunity, within the time allotted, for you to view your suite prior to completion, take any pictures or measurements you may need, and to familiarize yourself with the features and operating systems within it. You will conduct the PDI alongside your Inspection Specialist who will be there to provide you with information about the building and your suite, answer your questions, and track deficiencies should any be found.   

Your Homeowner Care Representative will reach out to you by e-mail or phone to schedule your PDI appointment and provide you with all the information you need in order to make your PDI experience pleasant and productive. We understand life is busy and sometimes scheduling appointments is difficult. If you are not available to complete the PDI, please use the PDI Designate Form to authorize someone you trust to conduct the PDI on your behalf. The form can also be found here. 

Please note, due to Covid-19 safety requirements, a maximum of 2 people are permitted to attend the PDI, and we ask that you do not bring children or pets to this meeting.

How can I prepare for the closing process?

Legal Representation: 

Legal representation or a notary is required to facilitate the legal transfer of your new home at Grosvenor Ambleside. We require contact information for your legal representation ahead of closing and we will ask you to provide this in the Purchaser Information Form, which your Homeowner Care Representative will provide, or you can download here. Once received, please fill this in and return it to us as soon as possible. If you have not yet selected your legal representation, it is imperative that you do so as soon as possible, as well as provide them with a copy of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.  


If you have chosen to use a mortgage to finance your new home at Grosvenor Ambleside, we encourage you to initiate your mortgage financing soon. If your financing is already in place, please forward the financing details to your lawyer at your earliest convenience. In addition, please advise your financial institution that appraisers will be able to view the suites after your PDI. Appraisal appointments can be made by contacting your Homeowner Care Representative.  

Please note, financial institutions typically provide mortgage pre-approvals for a set period of time. We, as the developer, cannot guarantee your new home will be complete within your mortgage pre-approval window. Please maintain open communication with your legal and financial representatives as completion nears to ensure any alterations to your financing arrangements can be made if needed. 

When will I know my Completion Date?

Shortly after Grosvenor receives an occupancy permit from the District of West Vancouver and the Strata Plan is registered in the Lower Mainland Land Titles Office, we will send you a formal letter confirming your Completion Date (the “Notice”) a minimum 14 days in advance, as per Article 3 of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale. 

Please note that you are required to complete the purchase of your new residence on the date specified in your Notice. 

Is the “Completion” Date different from the “Possession” date? 

Yes, these dates are different. 

The Completion Date is the day on which the legal transfer of your new home occurs, documentation is registered in the Lower Mainland Land Title Office, and the sale proceeds are paid to the Developer.  

The Possession Date is the date on which you take actual possession of your new residence provided that our lawyer has received the transfer of funds by 2:00 PM on the Completion Date. The Possession Date occurs the day following your Completion Date. Your formal “Notice” will also include your scheduled Possession Inspection time and a Possession Inspection Designate Form, which can also be found here. In the event you are unable to attend the scheduled Possession Inspection time, you can authorize someone you trust to conduct the inspection on your behalf by returning the form to your Homeowner Care Representative.

What happens at the Possession Inspection on the Possession Date? 

Possession Inspections are scheduled one day following the Completion Date. On your Possession Date you will receive the keys for your new home and your Inspection Specialist will conduct a walkthrough of the suite with you to confirm the condition of the home and answer any questions you may have. They will also ask you to complete additional forms.

Please note, due to Covid-19 safety considerations a maximum of 2 people will be permitted at the Possession Inspection. 

I am currently renting somewhere else - when can I give my notice? 

As the developer, we are unable to provide advice on this matter, other than to say that if you  give notice to your present landlord and your current lease/tenancy terminates before your new residence at Grosvenor Ambleside is ready, you will be responsible for any interim accommodation and all associated costs (i.e. moving costs, storage, etc.) 

Can I delay my move-in until I am ready to move out of my current home?

Yes. However, this does not change your Completion Date or Possession Date.

I may be out of town on my Completion Date. Can I change or delay my Completion Date? 

Once you receive your official Notice, the completion date cannot be changed. Once the occupancy permit is received, strata fee charges and taxes on the units commence. This means there is an actual cost associated with the delay of closings as there is much involved in orchestrating the closings, possessions, and move-ins in a new residential building. We are not able to accept requests to speed up or delay the closing of a residential unit. If you expect you may be out of town, please speak with your legal representative in advance about allowing for a power of attorney to complete the documents necessary for the purchase of your home. 

When will I get my keys?

Your Inspection Specialist will provide the keys to you on your possession date. Before you receive your keys, you will be required to complete some forms. More details on this step will be provided with your Notice of Completion. We are not able to release keys prior to the Possession Date.

When can I schedule my move-in date?

Your move-in appointment can be scheduled on any date following your Possession Date. Instructions regarding how to book your move-in date, including elevator reservation, will be included in the official Notice confirming your Completion and Possession Dates.  Move-ins cannot be booked prior to this confirmation of Possession Date. Following your Possession Date, any changes to your move-in appointment must be made through the Property Manager with at least 48 hours’ notice. Contact information for the Property Manager and Access to the Grosvenor Ambleside Homeowner Portal will be provided with your Notice of completion.

When will I meet the concierge, and what can they help me with during move-in?

You will meet the Grosvenor Ambleside Concierge on your Possession Date. The Grosvenor Ambleside Concierge and/or a move-in coordinator will also be on-site to help coordinate your move-in process. They are available to help administer parking and loading, provide access to the service elevator, accept deliveries, and generally assist you. The representatives’ names and contact details will also be included in your Homeowner Manual at possession.

When do I find out my parking and storage allocation?

Your Inspection Specialist will show you your parking and storage allocation during your PDI.

Is it possible to choose the location of my parking and storage? 

No. Once you receive the location of your parking and storage, the location cannot be changed.

Will I receive a tour of the lobby, amenities and building operations before I move in? 

Yes. Grosvenor’s Inspection Specialist will provide a building orientation during your PDI. The building will still be under construction during your PDI, which means that some amenities and common areas may not be fully accessible.

Who is responsible for retail operations at Grosvenor Ambleside?

SDM Realty provides property management services for the retail tenants and operations at Grosvenor Ambleside.

Do I need to set-up a BC Hydro account for my new home at Grosvenor Ambleside?

Yes. Once you are notified of your possession date via “the Notice” please advise BC Hydro of the pending transfer of title prior to the Possession Date as utilities are the homeowner’s responsibility as of the possession date. On your Possession Date, you will be required to provide your new BC Hydro account number to the Inspection Specialist as evidence of the account being transferred.  

What warranty does the developer offer? 

After taking possession of your new home, a comprehensive 12-month in-suite warranty commences. If any issues arise within one year of owning your home, your Homeowner Care Representative will coordinate with the general contractor to resolve the issue without a requirement to go through the official claim process with Travelers.  

After the 12-month period, any issues which arise that are covered under the 2-5-10 warranty can be claimed directly through Travelers and repairs will be coordinated at no cost to you as the homeowner. You will not be required to make a claim under your personal insurance policy for any warrantable in-suite issues. 

In accordance with the Homeowner Protection Act, Grosvenor Ambleside will also be covered by the Travelers Insurance Company of Canada’s 2-5-10 warranty. 

2 years – Material and Labour Warranty 

5 years – Building Envelope Warranty 

10 years – Structural Defects Warranty  

More information from Travelers can be found here and here.

The building will have strata insurance, do I really need personal insurance coverage? 

Yes, you will need individual insurance coverage for your suite at Grosvenor Ambleside. Strata insurance is in place to protect the building and typically strata insurance deductibles are high. In the event of a claim under the strata’s insurance, the strata will either require funds from each owner to cover the deductible or if an owner is deemed at fault for the damages, they will solely be responsible to cover the deductible. Homeowner insurance will cover this strata deductible provided you have the proper coverage in place. Homeowner insurance also covers issues that can arise in suite that are not covered by strata’s insurance and are solely the responsibility of the owner. Without Homeowner Insurance coverage in place, these costs would be out of pocket.

As mentioned in the “What Warranty Does the Developer Offer?” section, if you experience any issues that are covered by the 2-5-10 warranty you will not be required to make a claim under your personal insurance policy. Issues covered under the warranty will be resolved directly through a warranty claim with Travelers with no cost to you as the homeowner. 

For more information about strata versus personal insurance, as well as examples please click here.

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