Grosvenor Ambleside | The Grosvenor Story

The Grosvenor Story

An Enduring Legacy

The Shaping of an
urban landscape

Our approach to a special development like Grosvenor Ambleside is to assemble a team of trusted local partners who are sensitive to the community and the people who reside there. In partnership with these stakeholders, Grosvenor aims to make long-term contributions to places like West Vancouver by using creative design and high-quality building methods in all our projects. This is what makes our developments so enduring.


The Grosvenor family history stretches back almost 1,000 years, to the time of William the Conqueror. We have been actively managing our London estate since 1677 through numerous economic cycles, conflicts, the industrial revolution, technological change and globalisation. As a business too, we have continued to adapt to a changing world: since the 1950s we have expanded internationally to 60 cities, with offices in 17 of them.

Mary Davies, wife of the 3rd Baronet T. Grosvenor (1665-1729)

Joint crest created when Sir Thomas Grosvenor married Mary Davies (1677)



London lands came into the Grosvenor family in 1677 with the marriage of Mary Davies and Sir Thomas Grosvenor, including 500 acres of swamp, pasture and orchards to the west of the city, of which 300 acres remain with the family today forming Grosvenor’s London estate.


During the second half of the 20th century, Grosvenor began to apply its estate management skills of investment, development and asset management elsewhere in the UK, into the Americas, Asia Pacific and continental Europe.


In April 2000, Grosvenor became a group of regional businesses. In 2005 our international fund management business was formalized as a discrete entity. In 2012, we brought all our indirect investments in property together.